Warfighter Concepts Training Courses

We have designed courses to develop a strong foundation of weapons manipulation techniques, safe gun handling, casualty care, emergency preparedness, and drone operations training for students of all skill levels.

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Individual, Group, or Agency Training Courses

We offer individual, group, or agency instruction and can tailor any of our training programs to your specific training needs and requirements. Focus on the tactics and skills required to prevail in high risk, stressful tactical environments with Warfighter Concepts.


Corporate Team Building

Team building has never been more exciting. Discover a new way to bring your employees together with weapons and tactical training from Warfighter Concepts. Build better employee bonds and learn useful skills that last a lifetime. Sign up today for corporate training and team building activities.

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Special Operations Experience (SOE)

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Our Training Courses

Tactical Firearms and Combat Training

From basic pistols to AR15, learn how to effectively and safely use your firearm in any type of environment. Gain confidence while being coached with a strong emphasis on fundamentals. Focus on practical, field-tested firearms handling techniques. Whether you are an individual or require advanced agency training, our proven battle-ready tactics will prepare you for any type of situation.

First Responder

Warfighter Concepts first responder training will prepare you and your team for any type of emergency situation. Our battle-proven training will help you administer life saving techniques and accurately respond to those in need of aid. Learn in a realistic environment that is supportive, informative, and essential.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC & TECC)

Learn TCCC from the warfighters who lived it and the medical experts who understand it. Our Tactical Combat Casualty Care training is the result of years of battlefield data, giving you and your team the knowledge to tackle major life threats including massive hemorrhaging, airway obstruction, and tension pneumothorax. Learn how to treat an injured soldier under any circumstance with Warfighter Concepts.

sUAS Training & Inspection

Learn how to safely and effectively operate a sUAS with Warfighter Concepts. From emergency situations to search and rescue operations, we have the know-how to operate a drone in any environment. Sharpen your agency’s sUAS skills and receive a thorough inspection with Warfighter Concepts.

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