Close Quarters Combat Training

Our Close Quarters Battle Training Services

Our close quarters combat training courses are designed to provide instruction to law enforcement and military personnel on combat proven techniques utilized to successfully conduct Close Quarter Battle (CQB) operations. All tactics training courses can be tailored to fit your specific units requirements and skill level. Training covered is also contingent upon finding suitable training areas and having the proper required equipment/gear for the training scenarios.

Close Quarters Combat Subject Matter


  • Basic Room Clearance
  • Priorities of Threats
  • Room Search
  • Follow On Rooms
  • Corner Clears – One and Two Man


  • 360-Degree Security Techniques
  • Up/Down Stairwell Clearances
  • Emergency Evacuations


  • Hallway Movement Formations
  • Active Shooter Hallway Movement
  • Areas of Responsibility in Hallways
  • Hallway Corner Clears
  • Open and Closed Doors
  • Opposing Doors
  • “L” Intersection
  • “T” Intersection
  • 4-Way Intersection

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