Tactical Firearms and Gun Training

From basic pistols to AR-15, learn how to effectively and safely use your firearm in any type of environment. Whether you are an individual or require advanced agency training, our proven battle-ready tactics will prepare you for any type of situation.

Pistol Training Courses

Warfighter Concepts specializes in three distinct levels of pistol training courses. Designed with the shooter in mind, grow your skills from beginner to advanced under the watchful eye of James Fleming and the team at Warfighter Concepts. Whether you’re a seasoned pistol shooter, just starting out, or somewhere in between, we have the perfect class for you.

Basic Pistol Training Classes

This class is custom-designed for the beginner shooter. From the box to getting set up and firing on the range, this course will cover fundamentals of safe pistol handling and pistol marksmanship. Students will gain confidence while being coached with a strong emphasis on fundamentals and focusing on practical, field-tested pistol handling techniques. At the end of the course, shooters will have a strong foundation based on pure pistol fundamentals.

Intermediate Pistol Training Classes

The Warfighter Intermediate Pistol course covers fundamentals of combat pistol marksmanship and is designed to improve and enhance basic shooter skills. Shooters should have basic weapons handling skills acquired and ready to improve their shooting techniques. Select shooting evolutions will challenge shooters to successfully engage targets while under stress. Listed below are some of the topics that will be presented.

Advanced Pistol Training Classes

The Warfighter Advanced Pistol Course is designed to prepare shooters for the next level. This course is not for beginner shooters, and is physically demanding. Push beyond your limits and successfully engage targets both accurately and rapidly in stressful, confrontational situations. This course will require shooters to utilize fundamentals taught in Intermediate Pistol, while under duress. Come prepared and comfortable with your gun, this isn’t a walk in the park.

AR-15 Training Courses

Successfully operate and engage targets with Warfighter Concepts comprehensive AR-15 training courses. Similar to our pistol training classes, our AR-15 training covers three levels of class training: basic, intermediate, and advanced. From agencies to individuals, we have the perfect AR-15 training for you.

Basic AR-15 Training Classes

The Warfighter Basic AR-15 Course is designed to prepare the shooter to successfully operate and engage targets utilizing the AR-15 platform. The course will prepare beginner shooters to develop strong basic rifle fundamentals, with an emphasis on safety. The pace of the course will allow shooters to ask questions and develop confidence as the course progresses.

Intermediate AR-15 Training Classes

The Warfighter Intermediate AR-15 Course is designed to prepare an experienced shooter to successfully operate and engage targets utilizing the AR-15 platform. The course will allow beginner shooters as well as experienced shooters to revisit and develop basic rifle fundamentals, which will allow the shooter to perform in most tactical environments. Specific drills will be presented to allow shooters to hone and develop strong weapons manipulation skills safely but aggressively.

Advanced AR-15 Training Classes

The Warfighter Advanced AR-15 Course is not for beginners. This course is designed to take experienced shooters to the next level. By systematically exposing shooters to stressful shooting evolutions, while driving home the importance of fundamentals, shooters will learn how to handle the situation and enable them to push faster and harder than thought possible, without sacrificing accuracy.

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